Pastor Saji Varghese volunteers as the lead pastor of New Life Indian Church. He was born in a nominal Christian family in a small town in Kerala, India and had no personal connection with Jesus Christ. But at the age of fourteen he accepted Jesus as his personal savior and dedicated his life for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

After the completion of his college education, Pastor Varghese completed his education in theological studies and became an evangelist in 1995. Later he finished his masters degree in Social Analysis from Serampore University and became a Bible seminary teacher in India. In India he served the Lord in many different capabilities as the Lord permitted him to work as a pastor, church planter, Bible School teacher, as well as a traveling preacher. In 2009 he left India for the United States in pursuit of his doctorate degree. In 2013, he successfully completed his doctorate in Christian Ministry from International Theological Seminary, California.

Pastor Varghese is married to Girija Chandravathy and they have three wonderful children named Alby Varghese, Aida Varghese and Anugraha Varghese.